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Do you see children?

Yes, we encourage parents to bring children in for regular visits from age three on. "Happy Visits" are encouraged from the time of eruption of first teeth. These visits can be completed during parent's regular appointment and allow us to promote trust with the child prior to treatment being required.

Can anything be done to prevent cavities?

Placement of sealants on permanent teeth upon eruption (approximate age 6 and 12). Also, sealants can be placed on any adult's teeth with deep grooves that currently have no decay.

Does my water have Fluoride?

Not all of the area water sources are fluoridated. We can provide inexpensive test kits which allow us to prescribe the appropriate dosage of fluoride for your child.

Do cavities on baby teeth need to be filled?

Prolonged presence of bacteria (cavities) leads to infection and pain. Primary teeth (baby teeth) can be treated painlessly. Early extraction of primary teeth will lead to malaligned permanent teeth and a greater need for orthodontics.

Can I be "knocked out" for treatment?

There are a number of anti-anxiety procedures which we can individualize to each patient's needs. Conscious sedation through use of Nitrous Oxide is a simple and safe way to take the edge off of dental treatment.

Should I just pull it?

Extractions should be the last option. Even teeth that may look beyond repair can often be restored with less cost, and a better outcome, than replacement.

My parents had dentures—won't I need them?

Dentures can be a thing of the past. Improved health care and patient knowledge enables us to prevent or prolong the need for extractions. The use of dental implants allows us to replace missing teeth in a permanent fashion.

How can I fix a loose denture?

Dentures are only designed to last seven to eight years. Changes in tissue and bone cause dentures to become ill-fitting. Relines can restore that fit, or placement of implants can allow us to snap the denture onto an attachment, virtually locking it into the bone for extraordinary stability.

Can you treat special needs patients?

We are able to see and treat patients with a wide range of physical and mental needs, from the young to the geriatric.

Can I come in and get the doctor's opinion without any work being done?

Of course you can. We welcome all kinds of questions. For a no charge consultation, we can consult you on all dental concerns. We do request you bring your x-rays with you if you are not a current patient. If you don't have x-rays, you will be charged only for them. Just call and set up a consultation appointment.

Do you test for oral cancer?

All patients are screened for presence of oral cancer. (See Oral Cancer). Early detection is the key to treatment success.

Is the office available for emergencies?

The answering service provides information after normal business hours. We reserve time on a daily basis to work in those mishaps which need immediate attention. We also provide time for the many tourists who come to our area.

Can I get treatments like I see on TV?

Our office maintains hours of continuing education and utilizes the most current technologies and procedures. We are able to combine traditional techniques with cutting-edge computerization of services to address any and all dental concerns.

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